The three-decker Princesse Maria, a VOC yacht and other ships in a roadstead

Is leeg, of bestaat niet



Emden 1630- 1708 Amsterdam

Signed on the campshedding l..r. ‘L. BAKHUIZEN’, dated on the white flag
on the bowsprit of the yacht: ‘1688’.

Collection M. Hoofman van Diepenbrock-Van der Graas, Haarlem
Her sale 5 september 1780, lotno. 8
Bought back by the family for 230 guilders
J. Hoofman(1739-1799) Haarlem
Inherited by his daughters Maria (1776-1845) and Margaretha (1773-1807)
In 1845 sold to the art dealer Christianus Johannes Nieuwenhuys, Brussels/London
Private collection for at least 3 generations possibly already bought by the family from Nieuwenhuys.

John Smith, A catalogue raisonné of the works of the most eminent Dutch, Flemish, and French painters; in which is included a short biographical notice of the artists, with a copieus description of their principal pictures, London 1829-1842, 9 vol., supplement no. 21.

R. Van Eijnden, A. van der Willigen, Geschiedenis der Vaderlandsche schilderkunst, Haarlem 1816-1840, 4 vol, part 3 p. 397.

C. Hofstede de Groot, Beschreibendes und kritisches Verzeichnis der Werke der hervorragendsten holländischen Maler des XVII. Jahrhunderts, 10 vols. (Esslingen and Paris, 1907–28), part 7 no. 368

Archive A. vd Willigen Pzn, RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History The Hague (NL-HaRKD.0392)


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Dimensions: 83,5 x 116 cm


Techniques: Oil on canvas