Shipping on the IJ, view of Amsterdam beyond

Simon de Vlieger
Is leeg, of bestaat niet



Amsterdam c.1625 – c.1670

Justus de Verwer was the son and pupil of Abraham de Verwer. Although followed his father In theme, he worked in a different colorite and more in grey tones. From 1651 to 1656 Justus was employed at the Dutch East India Company ( the VOC ) and travelled to the East Indies. Returning in the Netherlands he settled in Amsterdam.In the left foreground of this painting, a ‘pinas’ , a small VOC three-master with approximately 20 pieces is depicted and it is flying a pennant on the foremast. It was the smaller class of three-master sea ships of the same build and rigs as the larger ships.

They were used by the VOC and WIC. Hudson’s’ Half Moon’ being such a yacht. In the background the skyline of the city of Amsterdam


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Dimensions: 54,2 x 85,3 cm

Provenance: Private collection France Kunsthandel P. de Boer, Amsterdam Rob Kattenburg Galery, Bergen Dutch private collection

Techniques: Oil on panel