Is leeg, of bestaat niet



Hendrik Voogd started his study in 1783 at a local Academy in Amsterdam. Later he apprenticed under the wallpaper painter Jurriaan Andriessen
The financial aid of the Amsterdam art collector D.Versteegh ( 1751 – 1822 ) enabled him to depart in 1788 for Rome to obtain further training in landscape painting.
Voogd’s works from his first Roman years are primarily drawings with colored wash in the typical late 18th century linear style. One of his major influences was Claude Lorrain. Due to the similarities in style he was nicknamed the ‘Dutch Claude Lorrain’. However in spite of these influences, Voogd still retained influences of his Dutch heritage. He experimented with
Unusual lighting effects and luxury foliage. From 1806 cattle began feature prominently in his drawings and paintings. Voogd died in 1839 in Rome in the Papal States.
Some of his works as the Landscape with Umbrella Pines, can be seen in the Rijksmuseum.
A preliminary drawing for the Bull is in the Prentenkabinet Leiden as a gift of A. Staring. Voogd used this sketch also for a pencil drawing in the Pushkin Museum of a grazing Bull.

The provenance of this painting cab possibly be traced back to Princes Marianne van Oranje, Princes of The Netherlands. She was an admirer of Voogd in Rome and collected many painting of the master for her German castle. After her death the ‘royal’ collection got dispersed.


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