Quaremont 1620 – 1684 Antwerp
Fruit still life with grapes, apricots, plums, cherries, lemons and medlars in a basket on a wooden table
Oil on panel 48,5 x 64,5 cm.



Collection M. Dirksen The Hague (according to Gumprecht, but not in his sale Paris 1868)
Collection Hermann Berlin
Collection W. Gumprecht acquired in 1886
his sale, Lepke Berlin 21 march 1928, no. 19 as Frans Ykens
European private collection


Ausstellung von werken der niederländischen Kunst des 17. Jahrhunderts in Berlin , Berlin 1890, no. 334


According to the RKD he was registered in the Antwerp Guild of St Luke as an apprentice in 1636 and learned to paint from Abraham Hack and later he was a pupil of Jan Davidsz de Heem. He appears to have been particularly appreciated by Archduke Leopold Wilhelm from Austria.

From 1653-1658 he was in Italy, but somewhere in the mid-fifties he went back to Belgium.

He is also registered in Brussels during that period. He died in the same year as his wife Maria Adriana Heijens, they left three children, Jan II, aged 24, Maria aged 21, and Peter aged 20.

Son Jan II became a popular flower painter, but like his father, he was also skilled in other types of still lives.