Louis Michiels

The Hague 1639/1645 – 1685/1705 Amsterdam
Active in the Hague 1672-1680

Still life with hunting paraphernalia

Oil on canvas 70 x 53 cm.


Private Collection Sweden

Oud Holland 1997 III, no.4, pp.241-252
v.d.Willigen /Meijer 2003, A little known painter of Flowers, Fruit and Game pieces, pp.142-143

Louis Michiels was a pupil of Nicolaes Willingh en Herman( Harmen) Verelst. In 1675 he entered the guild of St.Luke in the Hague.
Hofstede de Groot mentioned a still life with the same subject, signed and dated in the catalogue of the Vienna Academy 1927, inv.1( 7?) 07