Flemish, active early 17th century
Interior with elegant people
An allegory of the seven sins
Lust ( Luxuria ), Gluttony ( Gulia ), Greed ( Avaritia ), Sloth ( Acedia) ,
Wrath ( Ira ), Envy ( Invidia ),Pride ( Superbia )
Oil on panel 42,5 x 71,5 cm.
Private collection France


Willem Anthonisz. was born in Flanders. He became a citizen of Antwerp in 1619. Stylistically related to Louis de Caullery ( c.1594-1620) and Sebastiaen Vrancx( 1573-1647). The quality of the draughtsman ship and attention to incidental detail are exceptional. As demonstrated by this and at least one other known work with monogram WA and dated 1628, (with Rafael Valls, 1995)‘ the artist employed a great deal of gilding richly decorating the surface details of frames, lamps and embossed leather wall coverings.