at Kunsthandel P. de Boer, Herengracht 512, Amsterdam

May 12 to May 26, 2019
Open:Thursday/ Friday /Saturday/Sunday
From 12:00 to 18:00

Contemporary Art and Dutch Photography in dialogue with flower still lifes by Dutch and Flemish Old Masters

After the success of last year’s FLOWER LIVES, we are happy to announce that the flower still life exhibition will from now on be an annual tradition.


This year, the rooms of the nearly 100-year-old family-run fine art dealer Kunsthandel P. de Boer will feature works by the following contemporary Dutch artists:

Claudy Jongstra, Bernard Heesen, Eva Crebolder, Marcel van der Vlugt en Matthijs Immink 

Artist Claudy Jongstra is renowned for her monumental art works and architectural installations of felted wool, dyed with natural pigments. Jongstra feels personally connected to the painters of the Dutch Golden Age. She literally uses the same resources as her 17th Century counterparts to create the colour red (the Rubia tinctorum plant) and a rich blue (Indigo). Some of her creations even refer to specific paintings by Rembrandt or reflect the exquisite Southern colour palette of the Utrecht Caravaggists with blue combined with soft yellow and pink hues. Exclusively for FLOWER LIVES, Claudy Jongstra has created panels that connect the abundance of nature and the natural world that is presented in the showpieces from the 16th and 17th Centuries.

Glass blower Bernard Heesen’s Neoclassic and Gothic Revival vases were inspired by engravings from the 19th Century. They, together with works by Jan Davidsz de Heem and Ambrosius Bosschaert add an eclectic dimension to the exposition.

Eva Crebolder, known for her ceramic wall reliefs, will show a modular installation of cylindrical forms, containers and tiles.

The iconic photographs by Marcel van der Vlugt create a poetic dialogue with Classical drawings by Pieter Holsteyn. In his photographic compositions of blossoms, he plays with the symbolism of Life and Death, Fertility and Youth.
It was the building’s interior that inspired Matthijs Immink and stylist Judith Rasenberg. Their playful collaboration resulted in modern-classical still lifes in which individual flowers play their own part in the art dealer’s rooms.

A visit to the exhibition is your chance to view old and modern still lifes together!
AND you’ll help to save the Bee.
Because after all: no bees, no flowers.